This Disney Movie Took 58 Years To Produce!

Most people in the world have a favorite Disney movie. Whether it’s The Little Mermaid, The Lion King or Frozen, Disney has always been a household name for both kids and adults.

What you probably didn’t know, is that there is a Disney movie that took 58(!) years to make and only a few know about.
What is also a little known fact, is that this movie was animated and created in cooperation with the famous Spanish artist, Salvador Dali.

Dali was very interested in film making during his career. He made a few short films and even created a scene for Hitchcock’s `Spellbound` movie.

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In 1945, during a dinner at Jack Warner’s (one half of the famous `Warner Brothers`), Dali offered Disney to collaborate on a movie and Disney loved the idea!

The movie was named `Destino`.


Production started in 1945. Dali and another animator from Disney’s studio worked on Destino for 8 months, creating a storyboard made from over 150 drawings!

During WWII Disney froze the production due to financial difficulties, and even though the animators tried to reignite Disney’s interest in the movie again, the difficulties proved stronger and the production stopped until further notice.
For years the project was forgotten.

In 1999, Disney’s nephew found Destino while he was working on `Fantasia 2000` and decided to get into back into production.

25 Animators worked on the movie, using Dali’s original storyboard and his wife’s diary and the original Disney animator’s guidance.

The short animation premiered on July 2003 and was even nominated for an Oscar for Best short film in 2004!

In 2010 the movie came out on DVD and includes a documentary describing the production process with Dali and Disney.
The very talented Dali passed away in 1989 and never got to see his movie come to life, but we can celebrate his talent by telling others about Destino.