Do you consider yourself a spiritual or logical person? Some will say there's no contradiction between the two, but usually, every person defines themselves as being more spiritual or more logical. People who place more emphasis on logic in their life will look for scientific proof and evidence. On the other hand, people who consider themselves as spiritual beings, will place more weight on belief and guidance from a higher power. So which one are you?
Lucky for you, we at Kueez like to explore and handle every aspect of human behavior in a fun and entertaining way. Our content experts have developed a remarkable set of spirituality quizzes and games, just for you.

What is a spirituality quiz?

In our quizzes, we'll use information from your profile - like your birth date, your name or your picture – to provide insights about different aspects of your spirituality. 
Here are some of the trending quizzes and games on our website, to check out right now:
  1. What is your beautiful spiritual gift?
In this quiz, you get to find out what is the unique gift regarding your spirituality that you carry within you. These are the graces you were born with. It could be Mercy, Prophecy or maybe something else… Try and find out.
  1. Who is your spirit animal?
This quiz is based on your zodiac sign and your birth date. It will tell you who is your spirit animal and what strong qualities it carries and brings into your life.
  1. What's your soul type?
Your soul type carries power and virtue within it. This quiz will reveal the type of soul you have and the unique traits you own as a result.
  1. What is your power number and what does it mean?
Your power number is based on your birth date and it's another piece of the puzzle which affects your life and your spirit. This quiz will show you your number and explain the special meaning it has in your life. Interesting…
  1. Are you logical or spiritual?
Which is stronger, your spirit or your logic? In this quiz, you get to find out whether you are more of a logical person or a spiritual one. You answer a variety of questions, and we'll analyze your answers and give you the most accurate results possible. Maybe you're a 65% logical or 35% logical person. You'll never know unless you give it a try!
These and many more quizzes are waiting for you, to help you explore your spiritual level.

Soul and Mind

Our soul and our mind – they are two different and unique parts of ourselves, without one the other fails to work. You might be intelligent, hardworking and successful, but these traits belong to your mind. If you want to enrich your soul, you should invest in your spirituality and explore it. Having a balance between your mind and your soul is the perfect mix in order to lead a happy and peaceful life.

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